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South Florida's food trucks are riding the social wave


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How do people feel about the convenience of digital record keeping versus the security risks? Watch our series of Vines to find out.
Cick the icons to discover South Florida's food trucks.

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See how lack of access to high-speed wifi forces a Miami teen to go hot-spot hunting around the city.
Check out South Florida's powerful women trying to close the gender gap in computer science with their coding initiative.
Learn more about how South Florida seniors are learning to keep up in today's digital age.
Take a deeper dive into the digital divide.


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FIU's Bay News team is an interdisciplinary group of students from FIU's School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Graduating seniors from the digital media studies, broadcast journalism, and T.V. production tracks worked together to produce a newscast, website, web videos, and data visualizations about South Florida's digital divide.

Web Team
Supervising Professor
Moses Shumow
Web Producer
Joseph Engelmajer
Digital Media Studies
Chelsea Torres
T.V. Production Graphics
Alejandro Escobedo
T.V. Production
Web Video
Xano Cuervo
T.V. Production Web Video
Lila Reyes
T.V. Production Web Video
Marcia Aksu
Digital Media Studies
Web Extras
Tatiana Torne
T.V. Production Web Extras
Cristina Maal
Digital Media Studies Web Extras
Ashly Levi
Digital Media Studies
Broadcast Team
Supervising Professor
Lilliam Martinez-Bustos
Executive Producer
Emily Llerena
Broadcast Journalism
Assistant Producer
RaShondra Jackson
Broadcast Journalism VOSOT Producer
Valerie Aleman
Broadcast Journalism
Arthur Spence
Broadcast Journalism Anchor
Kristina Coronel
Broadcast Journalism
Carolina Powell
Broadcast Journalism Reporter
Lianna Saldana
Broadcast Journalism Reporter
Ezita Rodriguez
Broadcast Journalism Reporter
Alina Diaz
Broadcast Journalism
Alexandra Lopez
Broadcast Journalism Photographer
Chavon Ellington
Broadcast Journalism Photographer
Ratasha Iribarren
Broadcast Journalism Photographer
Marwan Noorani
Broadcast Journalism


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