Living- Melissa Rodriguez

FIU student Alyse Mier is one of the many people affected by the rental crisis in Miami, where job wages are too low to afford a monthly rent. As a result, residents have been forced to move out of Dade County. This story talks about the future of Miami as a place to live.


Surviving- Pattrik Simmons

Being homeless in South Florida is tough as it is. But imagine having to leave home or being kicked out because you're LGBTQ. Thanks to a South Florida organization, a 19-year-old's journey from homelessness to success is just one of its many triumphs.

Getting Around- Jeanette Demsea

By using mobility options like Uber, metro rail, and public buses, Miami residents can avoid the Miami traffic.

Having Fun- Jasmine Richardson

South Florida Activites are seen as tourist attractions because they are expensive. Our reporter found ways for young locals to participate in these activities and save money.


Having Fun - Monique Arenas

Miami is known for its iconic bars, clubs and beaches, but it's not always easy for locals to enjoy themselves on a budget. This video takes a look at a few of the free events and affordable activities that Miami has to offer.


Verde Farms- Walter Rivera

As a part of Urban Oasis Project, Verde Farm and Market offers locally grown, organic vegetables to the community. Not only that, but in conjunction with Carrfour Supportive Housing, Verde Farms also houses and employs homeless individuals and families, in attempt to help them transition back into the world.

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