Human Trafficking- Kimberly Rivera

Florida is the third busiest area for human trafficking in the United States. We Sat down with community leaders to gain insight on the dark reality to sexual exploitation in Miami.

Growing up in North Miami-

Jackie Johnson

Growing up in North Miami addresses crime and violence in regards to juvenile delinquency. We focus on two local nonprofits that have played a part in the community through their commitment to help at risk youth.

Melting Pot- Fiorella Samaniego

Little Havana is one of Miami's most storied Neighborhoods. Home to many first time immigrants, the community is known for its historic and architectural sites that go back to the early 1900s.

Gentrification- Marcela Mendoza

Derek Cole is the president of Lofty Ideas; a nonprofit organization that is fighting against gentrification in the Overtown community. His projects favor the reconstruction of the town but without pushing away residents.



Growing up in North Miami

-Matias Berrondo

Island TV has been operating within the city of North Miami for nearly two decades to bring its audience both local and native news. We toured the studio and spoke with the personnel involved in the operation to gain a better understanding of their future goals.

Melting Pot- Stephanie Hernandez

Parents are determined to choose a school that will benefit their children academically. But the best schools aren't necessarily private or charter schools. It is the student's ability to perform well in any school environment.

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