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PortMiami Dredging

As a 2 billion dollar project, the dredging taking place in the Port of Miami has raised much controversy. It begs to bring up the debate of what’s more important; our marine environment or our economy? Despite varying views, the dredging of the port continues to progress and whether it’s a positive or negative thing really depends on who you ask.

Tap Water?

Everglades: Did You Know?

The first attempt at draining the Everglades was undertaken in 1882 by the Okeechobee Land and Gulf Coast Canal Company, owned by Hamilton Disston. These companies dredged an 11 mile canal from Lake Okeechobee, south towards Miami.  Additionally, the companies created a canal north from Lake Okeechobee towards Kissimmee. From here, they dredged another canal west towards the Gulf of Mexico, creating a navigable waterway used for steam boat traffic.



PortMiami Dredging

Everglades: Did You Know?

Water Testing

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“Part of my mission is to help educate people, get it within our schools; they can change the culture and hopefully influence their parents and their family. “


Michael DiFilippi
Clean Up Miami Beach

“I think the local people understand it (stormwater runoff) when they see it; they may not understand that it may have a lot of pollutants in it. They probably should be more aware of it.”


René M. Price
FIU Professor

Expert on Hydrogeology
and Water Chemicals

“I think it galvanizes their understanding of the impact of sea-level rise within their own community. Secondly, it gives them a form to collaborate and to communicate what
they observe.”


Matthew Welker


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