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Election Day Turnout

With a population of approximately 19 million, Florida is ranked the 4th largest state by population in the United States. During the 2014 midterm elections only 34 percent of the population voted. This brings up the debate, if more people would've voted would the outcome have been different?  The wining candidates of all major statewide offices were Republicans and Amendment 2 failed to pass.

The Hispanic Voice

Negative Campaign Ads

The race to occupy the Florida governor’s mansion was among the most expensive state-level races in the country this year, with roughly $31.8 million spent on 64,000 television ads. This is possibly due to a new campaign finance law that the Florida Legislature passed. It’s easier for independent political committees to raise unlimited sums of money. The committees can then use that money to coordinate with candidates on advertising and other spending.

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Election Day Turnout

Negative Campaign Ads

The Hispanic Voice

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“As of today, there are no sites.”


Robert Hohenstein
President and CEO

Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition, Inc.

"Turn out was low among the demographics that will normally support medical marijuana… During a presidential election, in two years, if they put it back to the ballot it will likely pass because you’ll get a larger number of people voting.”


Kirk Villalón
Student at FIU College of Law

"They will not tell them 'Okay this is what’s covered, this is what’s not covered,' so a lot of them think Obamacare is free.  It’s not free.”


Antonine Saint-Fard
Fundamental Life & Health Insurance Agency


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