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Daniela Estrada captured a glimpse on how foreign residents in Miami stood on Election 2016.
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Claudia Caballe 28, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 8 years in the US Technical Designer "I would have voted for Hillary just because she was the better option out of the candidates. I can't vote because my parents and I are not citizens"
Heather Slesar 35, Santiago, Chile - 6 years in the US Graphic Design "I don't like either but between the two, Hillary is better than Trump and I would like a woman being president. I can’t vote because I am a resident not a citizen."
Michelle Marquez 30, Venezuela Real Estate Agent "I would have voted for Hillary because it was the better option between the candidates. I'm a Democrat and don't like Republicans. I couldn’t vote because I am here seeking political asylum"
Yana Rybina Moscow Russia , 29 - 10 years in the US Sales and visuals at Celine "I can't vote because I haven’t become a citizen yet. I would have voted for Hillary because she was far more experienced in politics than Donald Trump."
Benjamin Magniers 30, Paris , France - 2 years in the US Art Gallery Manager "Bernie Sanders for his healthcare-for-all policy as well as his position regarding climate change. Climate change is one of the most important issues our century is facing and politics often don’t face it. I can’t vote because I'm not an American citizen but I'm not sure I would have given my vote to any of the candidates even if I could. "
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