Bay News is a student made production facilitated by the school of Journalism + Communication at Florida International University located in Miami, FL. From the website to the on-site reporting, every aspect of Bay News is produced by FIU's very own panthers.


     The student team is divided into two sections, each responsible for producing a news show with a unique theme. The student team as a whole is guided by FIU professors Lilliam Bustos and Moses Shumow of the School of Journalism + Communication.


     This edition of Bay News is focused on the American Presidential election held in 2016 between Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. This edition consists of two shows with additional web videos and infographics featured on the site.


  • Race to the Bottom: The more serious themed show focusing on the impact of the election on South Floridians surrounding the themes of gender, political affiliation and citizenship status as well as how social media and money played a role in shaping the landscape of the unique 2016 presidential race.


  • The Lighter Side of Politics: As the name suggests, this show targets the more lighthearted moments of the 2016 presidential race and how South Floridians approached witnessing it  through social media, watch parties and within their families.

Prof. Lilliam Bustos

Prof. Moses Shumow

Messages will best sent to Professors Lilliam Bustos and Moses Shumow
Digital Team Web Producer - William Neal Web Content Producers - Kenessa Durum - Claudio Zelaya Web Video Producers - Andrew Trabazo - John Power - Khaalis Gumbs - David Gomont - Masiel Jara Soza Web Extra Producers - Daniela Estrada - Daniel Romero - Jessica Fernandez - Max Pedroso Graphics - Andrea Eder - Kirsten Rincon Race to the Bottom Executive Producer - Adriana Figuera Associate Producer - Diana Abraham Anchors - Patricia Segovia - Alexis Culmer Reporters - Vanessa Cuadros - Alexandra Munoz - Laura Hernandez - Gisselle Capote Videographers - Maria Silva - Maor Ozana - Geovanna Arias - Katerina del Rio The Lighter Side of Politics Executive Producer - Camila Hernandez Associate Producer - Francis Izquierdo Anchors - Andre Fernandez - Karina Vargas Reporters - Vanessa Carcache - Samantha Rios - Nicole Vera Videographers - Gabby Arzola - Ted Cyrius - Jorge Perez

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